A sustainable leader of infrastructure and environmental engineering services in Thailand and ASEAN


1. Provide one-stop service of engineering from beginning a consultant, designing, procuring, constructing, installing, operating systems and maintaining. that emphasizes international standard quality Including delivering work on time and reasonable price.

2. Product creation using technology and new innovations that responds to customer needs with excellent quality and innovation Including building good relationships with customers with good and impressive after-sales service.

3. Seeking new investment opportunities and options to create growth and expand the busi-ness base To grow steadily and sustainably to cover all formats by managing and controlling the project budget effectively under the creation and development of the organization for maximum efficiency in business operations.

4. Personnel development by promoting learning regularly and continuously to increase the potential of employees.

5. Conducting business with the principles of good corporate governance. Be attentive to so-ciety and the environment Including efficient, fair, transparent, and auditable management.