Desalination Plant
Desalination plant is the process that converts sea water into water. Clients are community and manufacturing plants that are located near or by the sea or are in the area where water is expensive or scarcity. Desalination plant process uses sea water, which has high turbidity and high Total Dissolved Solid (TDS), as high as 35,000-45,000 milligrams per liter (mostly Sodium and Chloride). Desalination plant process is similar to portable water plant process but employs more complex technology, which uses MF or UF and RO which called Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO).
Desalination Plant Process
  1. Intake sea water from the sea.
  2. Flow sea water to pass membrane filtration process by using MF or UF, to separate suspension.
  3. RO will filter Sodium Chloride to obtain portable water.
  4. Store into storage tank for further usage.