Hydrotek is recognized as a leader in environmental and waste management company. It was established in 1982.

The company can achieve group–wide synergy by drawing on the expertise and personnel of the company to provide specialist competence in its service areas which enable Hydrotek to play a leading role as a designer, contractor, operator and developer.

As a technologically leader of engineering contractors, Hydrotek has been involved in a wide range of initiatives to protect the environment in the area of water, seawater and wastewater management-its core business, hazardous waste management, solid waste management and air pollution control. The company has served all range of services to clients, both in private and public sectors, throughout the country.

To ensure excellent long-term relationships with its customer, Hydrotek has provided total solution services which include process, design, construction, training, operations and maintenance. The total solutions focus on assessing customer needs to match them with appropriate technological process and taking account for full life cycle of the plant.

It also commits to produce the highest quality product as demonstrated through process designs, materials of construction and its workmanship. The broad scope of company’s product line results in capability to assume a system level of responsibility and a user-oriented objectivity in meeting customer’s requirements and costs effectively.


To be a sustainable leader of engineering and construction of environmental engineering services in ASEAN

  1. Provide full-range services from engineering, procurement, construction, installation, and commissioning which focusing on international quality standard, work efficiency, reasonable price and on time delivery.
  2. Manage and control construction cost efficiently.
  3. Develop human resource and study as well as develop technology regularly and constantly.
  4. Build good relationship with customer via its excellent and impressed after sales service.
  5. Expand its business with stability and sustainability under building and development organization framework to be a high efficiency organization.
  6. Participate in building and support better living in society.



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